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NxFilter is a freeware web filter designed for enterprise environment. You can monitor and filter Internet activity in your network with NxFilter while protecting your users from malware and botnet. Yet it's free!

* On 2014-04-15, There are 57,412 users being protected by 502 NxFilter installations running over 77 countries filtering 427,049,568 DNS requests for 8,935,492 domains on the same day.

Latest NxFilter packages.
- 2014/04/14, nxfilter-2.0.4.exe - 10.97M
- 2014/04/14, nxfilter-2.0.4.zip - 10.62M
- 2013/03/24, nxclient-1.6.exe - 1.34M
- 2013/07/04, nxupdate-1.1.exe - 1.33M

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If you find any bug or technical problem contact me.
Forum : https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/nxfilter200
Linkedin : http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jinhee-lee/19/35a/123
Email : support at nxfilter.org

Editors of several websites reviewed NxFilter.
- Snapfiles, Read review from www.snapfiles.com
- Freewarefiles, Read review from www.freewarefiles.com
- Softpedia, Read review from www.softpedia.com

NxFilter won the editor's choice award from http://www.downloadatlas.com.
      NxFilter is clean!

* Local DNS cache to accelerate Internet speed
* Load-balancing and fail-safe with clustering
* Active Directory integration support
* User or Group based policy assignment
* Remote user filtering
* Bandwidth control
* Quota time
* Phishing protection
* Malware and botnet detection
* Dual policy for work-time and free-time
* 4 types of user authentication
- IP based authentication
- Password based authentication
- LDAP authentication
- Single sign-on with Active Directory
* Blocking by domain category
- Shallalist and urlblacklist supported
* Unlimited custom categories
* Built-in GUI
* Dashboard and reporting
* Runs everywhere including Windows, Linux
* Whitelist and Blacklist based on domain matching and keyword searching
* DNS query log search with various conditions
* Internationalized domain name support
* Email alert
* Syslog exportation
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