We provide a third party cloud based blacklist which is being used by many commercial products. It does dynamic classification. It has more than 30 million domains classified already. This is the biggest blacklist option we have. Since it is a cloud based one, you don’t need to download or update anything.

The pricing is 3 USD per-user, per-year by 50 user block. Before you buy it, you can have 14 day trial. There are non-profit organization discount and volume discount. If you want to find out more about these pricing options contact ‘support @’ first.

User counting

NxFilter counts the number of logged-in users or client IP addresses on daily basis. If one of them exceeds the licensed user number, any unlicensed users will be appeared as blocked on your log view. And the domains queried by the unlicensed users will be categorized as ‘Unclassified’. However, since it is a warning measure this blocking is not actually happening on user side.

* To find out the number of users in your network, view the usage report for the last 30 days on ‘Report > Usage’.

Flag Counter