At the release of v4 of NxFilter we now have two kinds of licenses. One for v3 of NxFilter and the other for the rest of the softwares including NxFilter v4.

Simply speaking, you can not use NxFilter v3 for any kind of commercial purpose and you can not distribute its modified version. It is purely a freeware which can be used for personal or non-commercial purpose only and only can be distributed without modification.

However, with the new license, NxFilter v4 can be used for commercial purpose without a written agreement from us. You can build your own product based on it and you can rebrand it, redistribute it freely. This new business friendly license is being applied to NxFilter v4, NxCloud, NxClient, NxUpdate, NxMapper, NxLogon, NxRelay.

While you can use our softwares freely for your business but this doesn’t mean that we made them open source. The rebranding and modification are allowed on GUI part of the softwares. We think it’s enough for your business.

  1. License for NxFilter v4, NxCloud, NxClient, NxUpdate, NxMapper, NxLogon, NxRelay
  2. License for NxFilter v3

* We made NxBlock, NxForward to be open source softwares under MIT license.

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