NxFilter Tutorial
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Install NxFilter on Linux
You can run NxFilter on Linux and other Unix like OS. We have DEB packages, RPM packages and docker images. You also can install it with ZIP packages.
We found some Linux systems missing IP address. When you don't have set on your system, NxFilter will not be starting or having some malfunctions.

Ubuntu Linux
We have DEB packages for installing NxFilter on Ubuntu Linux. To install it, after you install Java, download the package using 'wget', and then install it using 'dpkg'. Then start it from the Systemd script bundled with the package.

	sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre
	wget http://pub.nxfilter.org/nxfilter-
	sudo dpkg -i nxfilter-
	sudo systemctl enable nxfilter
	sudo systemctl start nxfilter

You can view the installation process with the following command.

	tail -f /nxfilter/log/nxfilter.log

On Ubuntu 18, 'systemd-resolved' service uses UDP/53. You have to disable it and set another DNS server for your system before you install NxFilter. To stop and disable it, run the following commands.

	sudo service systemd-resolved stop
	sudo systemctl disable systemd-resolved.service
	sudo rm /etc/resolv.conf
	sudo echo 'nameserver' > /etc/resolv.conf
Ubuntu 20 has the same problem.

Using RPM
Rob Asher has built an RPM repository for NxFilter and other packages. His RPM packages take care of Java installation and all the dependencies.

To install NxFilter using 'yum' command, install Rob Asher's RPM repository first.

	yum install http://deepwoods.net/repo/deepwoods/deepwoods-release-6-2.noarch.rpm

Then you can install NxFilter using yum command.

	yum install nxfilter
There are other packages as well.

	yum install nxcloud
	yum install nxrelay

Using Docker
Charles Gunzelman has built docker images for NxFilter.

When you run NxFilter as a docker container, use the following commands.

	docker run -dt \
	--name nxfilter \
	-v nxfilter-conf:/nxfilter/conf \
	-v nxfilter-log:/nxfilter/log \
	-v nxfilter-db:/nxfilter/db \
	-p 53:53/udp \
	-p 80:80 \
	-p 443:443 \
	-p 19002-19004:19002-19004 \

Using zip
You can install NxFilter on other Linux and Unix like OS using ZIP packages.

  1. Download nxfilter-x.x.x.x.zip
  2. Extract the zip file into /nxfilter
  3. Go to /nxfilter/bin and run 'chmod +x *.sh'
  4. Run startup.sh with root permission
You can run NxFilter as a daemon with '-d' flag to /nxfilter/bin/startup.sh.

Admin GUI
To access its admin GUI, start your browser. If you install it on type '' into the address bar of your browser. The initial username and password are 'admin/admin'.